One Rockin’ Weekend

In Uncategorized on August 17, 2009 at 11:30 pm

BBT TinA WTF 011

It’s been a quiet summer. Mild weather. Lots of hustling for work. Late paychecks. Late-night movies and mid-afternoon disc golf. However this weekend is anything bus quiet: Come join me for a celebration of arts, letters and wacky music.

Lesen und Lauschen (Thu., Aug. 20): Brought to you by Oyster Theatre, this revue of music, improv comedy and short theatrical works is worth far more than its paltry $3 cover. My comrades from the Serious Comedy Show, Hustlebot, will be the resident improv’ers. Come to Your Inner Vagabond for a multi-media artsfest that benefits Yinzerspielen, a German-American cross-cultural extravaganza in September. My contribution: A reading of Intermezzo, a short play I wrote for the Future 10 Festival.

Midnight Radio Smackdown! (Fri., Aug. 21 [& Sat., Aug. 22]): This is old-timey radio at its goofiest, a ribald tribute to 1950’s serials. Recorded live over two nights, the Smackdown encourages patrons to vote on their favorite show. This show is costlier ($15), but it features some of the coolest actors in Pittsburgh. My contribution: Dead Menace, a Southern-fried zombie thriller. More info at I’ll be attending Friday’s show only, but the Saturday show should be just as hysterical.

The Carefree Music Collective (Sat., Aug. 22): I’ve been following Truth in Advertising since their earliest days in 1999. Hilarious and sometimes heartfelt, TinA is a two-man-band featuring Seán O’Donnell and Fred Betzner. (They’ll be playing their magnum opus. You’ll know it when you hear it). Uke Skywalker & Tuba Fett will also perform (the most hilarious ukelele and tuba duo I’ve ever encountered, plus awesome dancers), as well as Wungsten, the most harmonious trio ever to sing about scientific principles. Music starts at 10 p.m., for a mere $5. I can sell you a ticket myself. My contribution: The Hodgepodge Society will be emceeing the event, in full regalia.


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