The Iron Mountain

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Castle Isenberg

Dear Friends,

A lifelong dream has come true: My first book, The Iron Mountain, is now available online. Thanks to my publisher, Sabella Press, and my awesome editor, Ed Parris, my three-year-old manuscript has become a real book.

What’s it about, you ask?

Murder and revenge, of course.

In 1227, Friedrich von Isenberg plotted to kidnap his cousin, the Archbishop of Cologne. What followed was a cavalcade of misunderstandings, assassinations, papal politics and 60 years of bloody vengeance. Eight centuries later, I visited the ruins of Castle Isenberg to unravel the mystery of Friedrich’s life, armed only with self-taught German and a degree in Medieval Studies. The Iron Mountain is a chronicle of that journey.

If Braveheart was mixed with Julie & Julia, it would look something like this.

The Iron Mountain is now available on Amazon and at the Sabella Press website.

  1. This is amazing! Congratulations!

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