G-20 Protest: 3

In Pittsburgh on September 25, 2009 at 5:15 am

G-20 082

Among the true anarchists, a new fashion had surfaced: All-black cotton outfits and face-masks. Balaclavas and bandanas covered faces, leaving only a slit for angry eyes. Later, someone explained that these might be for resisting tear-gas; someone else compared the fashion to Hezbollah mujahedeen — a comparison tinged with disgust. However the trend started, whatever its benefits, the look is militant and frightening. The radicals of the 1960’s look quaint by comparison; these people mean business, and they don’t care that their humanity is obscured by fabric.

As the riot police circled the park, their eyes hidden by helmets and plastic face-shields, I chilled at the sight of these two batallions — furious soldiers, eager for battle, armored in anonymity. In the war of rhetoric, the street-battles are fought by the faceless.


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