G-20 Protest: 4

In Pittsburgh on September 25, 2009 at 5:24 am

G-20 068

The anarchist worldview is simple: Corporations are evil. Governments are backward. States are unnecessary. If people returned to a tribal life, where barter and good-will reigned, people would regain their purity.

The archists’ enemy is a leviathan, and their crusade is dreamy. They know this. So anarchists adopt a kind of gallows humor; their outfits and demeanors can be playful, circus-like. As we flow through the crowd, and the crowd moves tidally across the park, hoping to flow through the main gate in a mass-march, a brass band plays. The seal springs to life. The reverand calls out, his arms spread. Activists clap in rhythm. Carnival masks slide over faces. If the atmosphere wasn’t so tense with potential danger, I’d think we were leaving a concert.


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