G20 Protest: 10

In Pittsburgh on September 30, 2009 at 1:59 pm

G-20 108

A strange blend: Bike-cops rode alongside anarchists. Were these really mortal enemies? The police rode their mountain-bikes at a leisurely clip, and other bikers rode in front and behind them. Lawrenceville residents strolled through the glut of marchers or stood on porches, watching the crowd flow past. I couldn’t stay long, but I hoped that the march would remain so peaceful; the protester would end in orgies and love-ins; the police and anarchists would laugh together in the streets, wondering what the hooplah was all about, why anybody would be so concerned.

Fifteen minutes later, tear-gas canisters rained from the sky.

By then, I had biked my way to Shadyside.


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