G20 Protest: 9

In Uncategorized on September 30, 2009 at 1:50 pm

G-20 102

As the marchers moved in a single stream through Lawrenceville’s narrow streets, small bands of activists jogged along the sidelines. They huffed up grassy hills and rounded chain-link fences. They disappeared into alleys and emerged behind houses. This behavior made me anxious. Until now, I had feared the police — their technology, their discipline, their omnipotent power. Until now, I had feared getting arrested for merely being present; spending nights in jail because I’d wanted to snap some pictures.

But paranoia goes both ways. How far would the anarchists go to prove their point? Should I still expect broken windows? Or fires? Or pipe-bombs? Taking side-routes wasn’t the practice of public marchers but the tactic of secret violence. Or maybe they just wanted to cut to the head of the line. As tension thickened, I was caught in waves of panic. Surely 400 civilians, mashed together in a narrow street, were a sensible target. If someone, anyone, wanted to send a violent message to the world, surely there was no better time or place; not with the 20 most powerful nations staying in hotels only three miles away.


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