Philadelphia Visions: 1

In Philadelphia on October 2, 2009 at 7:13 pm

Philadelphia 025

Philadelphia haunts me — when I hear the name, I grind my teeth. The picky people. The thuggish fashions. The sarcasm that pervades the air. And don’t even get them started on cheese steak. You’ll get a half-hour lecture.

And yet, I keep coming back. That rainy September weekend, it was for a wedding. As the car coasted along an elevated highway, I gazed at the grim expanse of factories and warehouses. Fire spat from smoke-stacks; endless parking lots choked with cars.

But there’s something reverent about the Center City skyline. It’s not pretty, like Chicago. Not colossal, like New York. Philadelphia is a kind of citadel, proudly punctuating the gray sky. Like Philadelphians, Center City isn’t dressy and doesn’t care what you think of it. Center City just is.

Yous got a problem with that?


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