How to Ride a Bike in Pittsburgh: 5

In Uncategorized on November 6, 2009 at 9:58 pm

Vintage Grand Prix 003

Navigate South Oakland in a low gear, and see everything: The guys in T-shirts nattering on their porch. A dismembered window shattered against the sidewalk, baby-blue shards dully glinting. The tree’s foliage cut into a heart-shape, to make way for strangled power lines. Whiff the curry from the Indian grocer, whose metal door is always propped open. There’s the gutted marinara jar, its sauce bloodily vomited. Skinny dudes roll skateboards toward the curb, then spring ape-like, praying for their boards to flip and land face-up beneath their Sketchers. How often do the boards smack sideways, so the boarders’ legs slip and tangle, and their hips roll on pavement as friends moan in slacker sorrow? A car slows, beeps once, and the boarder, dusting himself, waves it along, laughing through his bright teeth.


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