How to Ride a Bike in Pittsburgh: 9

In Uncategorized on November 6, 2009 at 10:15 pm

Downtown 007

In the Strip, bike fast. The traffic whirs along, and car doors fly open, and shoppers play chicken on the median, walking slow in front of maroon-blooded drivers. Hopscotch from lane to lane, leaving room for a flatbed truck that sweats clouds of black dust. Since your eyes are open so wide, observe the Korean signs, the dangling potted spider-plants, the tables laden with Steelers jerseys, the boxes packed with fly-flecked melons, Wholey’s gushing sea-scented steam, Roland’s balcony alive with tinkling silverware. When you return, pedal through the back-streets, where the fire-escapes fit together like teeth, and thick-booted men smoke and murmur by tribes of trash-cans, and if you really believe, you can flash through the cross-streets without stopping, or even slowing down, for perpendicular traffic.


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