Winter Race: 3

In Uncategorized on January 10, 2010 at 7:41 pm

For the Pittsburgh Marathon, hordes of people line the race-track. They scream and hand off water-bottles. The shake their fists in the air, telling runners, “You’re doing great! Keep going! You’re almost there!” Never have so many strangers encouraged so many individual strangers.

But this race is different. There are only two water-stations, and the cold air keeps fans in North Park’s municipal lodge. After 20 minutes or so, non-runners congregate at the finish line. A videographer mounts his camera on a tripod. Friends ready their point-and-shoot cameras. The ribbon is strung over the finish line.

The first racer pounds over the pavement, a quarter-mile ahead of his closest rival. He sprints, and when the ribbon tears against his body, he smiles with abandon. I can tell, the way he half-heartedly punches the air, that this is not the first race he’s ever won.


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