Winter Race: 4

In Uncategorized on January 10, 2010 at 7:50 pm

“When I see the finish line,” Ky tells me later, “I go for it.”

The last leg is a continuous uphill battle — a steep, winding road that seems to extend forever. But as I watch the runners round the final corner, emerging from the trees, their legs quicken. They dash, hurtle. No matter how burned-out they are, mind electrifies muscle. Only once does a runner lose his sunglasses and turn in a circle to pick them up. The rest of the racers turn severe. Their faces are white with snow; even the women’s faces are frosted along invisible hairs. Their lips downturn; their eyebrows turn into V’s. The soft thrum of shoes gets louder; the soles hammer the pavement in the final 100 yards. As the cross the finish-line, a loud “beep” sounds; but some keep running, up the driveway, over the hill, out of sight.

These are people who would rather die than stop before it’s time.


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