Snowmaggedon: 2

In Uncategorized on February 9, 2010 at 5:26 pm

Saturday morning, as I plodded around my neighborhood, I saw car after car stuck in the drifts. Each vehicle was its own vaudeville act: One woman, Justine, was stuck in a bluff, only two feet from the cleared pavement of Dallas Avenue. Once freed, she intended to drive to Cleveland, where her mother would enjoy a surprise birthday party. The twist: Justine was in charge of the party.

As I helped Justine shovel snow from beneath her chassis, an SUV pulled up behind her car. The driver tried to maneuver around, but his bumper was soon engorged in snow. As soon as Justine was free — literally shoved into the street by myself and a few neighbors — we began work on the SUV.

The van pictured above was driven by a sour middle-aged man. The man had left his house for one reason: To help his wife, who was stranded in her car a few blocks away. The man’s only duty was to give his wife’s car a jump. It took three men to dislodge the van.


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