Egypt: 1

In Uncategorized on May 16, 2010 at 9:03 pm

After a breakneck semester, I flew to Egypt with my girlfriend and my girlfriend’s mother. This was not your typical Isenberg-style vacation: No midnight border-crossing, no sleeping on bus-station benches, no last-minute reservations in dimly lit hostels.

We would be taking a cruise. Eight days of luxury cabins and wide-screen TV’s. Three buffets a day, plus bus-tours of the nation’s most popular temples.

Less Indiana Jones, more James Bond. This is how you travel with your girlfriend’s mother. Shishkabobs from street-vendors were off-limits. Wandering off because I “met an interesting guy on the street” was likewise verboten. But I would behave, gladly. It’s not every day you have an excuse to visit the Cradle of Civilization.

Pictured above is the view from our first hotel, the unfortunately-named Hilton World Trade Center. Kylan wanted to book a nice, comfortable suite for our first evening. By U.S. standards, the hotel was quite reasonable. When we arrived, we discovered a fully furnished apartment with two bedrooms, two bathrooms, several 14-th story porches, plus a fully functional kitchen and a separate room that had no apparent function. We realized that this Hilton branch was probably established for visiting dignitaries.

When we hired a cab, several soldiers at the front gate checked our chassis for bombs. Once the danger of our terrorism subsided, they unlatched a chain and let us through. They don’t mess around in Cairo.


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