Sex And The City: 2

In Uncategorized on June 16, 2010 at 12:35 am

Photograph of “Egyptian Night,” where travelers on our cruise were invited to dress in “authentic” Egyptian costumes and dance to Arabic pop music.

But S&TC2 was a surprise. It’s not a “great” film, or even a “good” film. But I was astonished that these New Yorkers would visit Abu Dhabi and discover that the U.A.E. can be even more wasteful and self-obsessed than the United States. Carrie and her pals behave EXACTLY as wealthy Americans do abroad — they learn four indigenous phrases, they base all their opinions on guidebooks, and they stick to the hotel and guided tour. Their little venture into the souk is only to amass souvenirs. This portrayal is disarmingly honest, especially when Samantha vehemently offends the people around her. They are ugly Americans, they know it (more or less), and they decide not to care. They are “being themselves,” at the expense and embarrassment of everyone around them. Meanwhile, the trip is free; they’ve contributed nothing, not even significant cash, to the country.

But then Carrie meets Gaurav, her “butler”. Gaurav is a heavily symbolic character: He dresses primly, he is absolutely obedient, and he gravely apologizes for mispronouncing Miranda’s last name. The ladies are at first delighted by his manners, then discomfited by his subservience. He doesn’t leave until he’s dismissed. He hops to every menial task. And then he admits, meekly, that he sees his wife, in India, only every three months.


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