Canadian Outback: 3

In Uncategorized on July 25, 2010 at 1:07 am

It’s easy to romanticize Canada. Easy for me, at least. I’ve always admired the healthcare system, the diversity of Canada’s cities, the explosive arts and culture. I love that Canada is a multi-lingual nation, that Canadians rarely fight wars, and the crime-rate is minimal. Montreal is a place of refuge, the northeastern city that does everything right. Toronto and Vancouver are magnificent places. The hockey teams are awesome.

But Canada has its dark side. As a kid, I visited Sudbury with my family, and we found a grim factory city stuck in an apocalyptic wasteland. Rural Canada isn’t all Rocky Mountains and Inuit villages; the land is also ravaged by strip-mines, harnessed by dams, dotted with sad little towns. And as we started riding the Trans-Labrador Highway, my postcard image of Canada started to fray and bend.


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