Canadian Outback: 6

In Uncategorized on July 25, 2010 at 1:39 am

One of my favorite photographers is Edward Burtynsky, who shoots landscapes of industrial wasteland. Burtynsky was first inspired by a drive through rural Pennsylvania, where he found miles of devastated mountains and forest. Ever since he visited my state, he has traveled around the world in search of environmental catastrophe.

I have admired Burtynsky’s work for a long time, and I’ve often wished to emulate his mission. Since Burtynsky was first affected by Pennsylvania, the state in which I live, it seemed only fitting that I found similar horrors in rural Labrador: The landscape above is not the Sahara desert, but a once-healthy evergreen forest (if you zoom in, you’ll see a tiny bulldozer in the upper left). This kind of strip-meaning leaches the soil of nutrients, poisons water-systems and makes re-forestation nearly impossible.


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