Unleash the Tweets

In Uncategorized on November 8, 2010 at 7:47 pm

I am now on Twitter.

I can be “followed” at @robertisenberg.

This was unexpected. I balked at Twitter, just as I scoffed at Facebook and looked down my nose at MySpace. The very word “blog” appalled me, in those early days. This goes all the way back to email, when my friend coaxed me into opening a Hotmail account. How would my world change, with all this “electronic mail” I was now responsible for? Never mind the collegiate stuff. I ruffled my feathers at Blackboard, got even more ornery with Moodle. What were these pointless digital tools? How many passwords would I have to create, goddamn it?

I have dozens of friends who Tweet on a regular basis, who have met good friends on Twitter. They still seemed like sane people, albeit a little eccentric.

Finally, my friend Sean pushed me over the edge.

“I think you’d be good at it,” he said.

Brief? Verbal? Easy to send? Yes, I probably would be good at it, I thought.

I already had a Twitter account, in order to follow my girlfriend during the Pittsburgh Marathon, but now it’s active. Things are in motion. So we’ll see if it’s as splendid as fans say it is. I’m running out of passwords…

  1. The form shares some commonalities with haiku, I think.

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