Oakland Fireworks : 5

In Uncategorized on November 14, 2010 at 5:23 pm

Smoke spews mysterously from a former warehouse, Strip District.

But I also remember the Fourth of July, and my heart aches.

I remember sliding open the window and climbing the fire-escape to the roof. I brought a thermos of Tang and walked across the tar, just as the sun disappeared over the horizon. All around me, the roofs of South Oakland blackened, and just as a gloaming violet conquered the cloudless sky, I watched fireworks rising in the distance, exploding above the Downtown skyscrapers. Then more fireworks, over the hills in Lawrenceville. Rockets exploded in Homewood and Schenley Park, above the South Side and Mount Washington. These flashes were distant, but their blasts echoed through the humid air, a chorus of light and noise. Sitting on a rusted air-duct, watching a dozen shows igniting in tandem, I felt the city was rejoicing in my own humble independence.

Sometimes I think of going back there, climbing that fire escape and finding that roof. But I think better of it. There is only one first time, and that alone must last.


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