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For Real For Real : REDUX

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Photograph of Brad Stephenson, who performed for For Real For Real last year.

Truth is stranger — a lot stranger — than fiction. And last night, we got to prove it. For Real For Real, the true-life storytelling series, returned to the Brillobox after a six-month hiatus. I got to host with Gab Bonesso, and some of our favorite narrators returned for a chance at the mic.

Here are some things we learned:
* What Santa Claus writes to a girl when he thinks she’s a boy
* The true spirit of Easter, if you’re Jewish
* How not to rob a restaurant with a sawed-off shotgun and James Cagney impersonation
* The sorrows of “Santa’s Little Helper” when Dad slips on the ice
* The proper method of removing a giant insect from your inner-ear
* How to illegally drive a borrowed assistant district attorney’s car in Philadelphia on New Year’s Eve with a raging fever
* The discomfort of hugging a really, really hot teacher on graduation day
* Why a Christmas Miracle at U.S. customs might also lead to your bag bursting all over the airport floor
* Just what lengths people will go to, to make you do drugs

Overwhelming thanks to all the people who told stories and all the folks who came to hear them. More updates soon.

A Podcast [Experiment]

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Photograph of Dairy Queen, Coraopolis.
Garage Band and a diehard love of NPR can be a dangerous combination. The result: The first Ark podcast. The recording is tinny and the editing choppy, but the story gets told. In honor of the Christmas season, a story of family, faith, and a woman from Beijing on a sugar-high.