Essays and Reportage

The following articles are arranged by publication and subject:


Pittsburgh Magazine

All Online Contributions


Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

The Granola Factor

Balkans Dispatch

Saturday Poem: Driving in Pittsburgh

A Rider’s View of the Port Authority


City Paper

Complete Features and Reviews


Christian Science Monitor

Bay of Fundy

Osaka Girls



Complete Features for Sparklife



The Tunnel That Saved Sarajevo

TV Under the Knife

Classically-Themed TV Shows

Celebrity Pranksters

TV’s Top Cops

A Brief History of the Future

Amnesia TV: How Could I Forget?

Set in the Seventies

Life’s a Beach (Show)

Travel Agent for Couch Potatoes

In the Ghetto

TV’s Favorite Brits

Broadcast News: TV’s Best Fictional Newsrooms

They Just Keep Going and Going and Going

Dummie’s Guide to Doctor Shows

How to Survive an Episode of…

Lost Before “Lost”

The Armchair Traveler

Talent Show Roundup

Every Small Town Has Its Secrets

Life’s a Beach (Show)

Analyze This: TV Shrinks

TV Presidents

Private Eyes Exposed

Gimmicks Gone Wild

Life in the Clink

TV Judges: What’s the Verdict?

Welcome to the Neighborhood

Worst Cartoons Ever

2006 Year in Review


San Diego Reader

All Travel Articles


US Airways

Travel: Miles to Go 

Travel: From the Top (p. 87)

Travel: Bravo! (p. 87)



Happy Feet at the Aviary

Rockin’ and Rollin’ at the Carnegie Library

The Tireless Project

Embracing the Elements

Read All About It

Squirrel Hill

More Squirrel Hill

Even More Squirrel Hill

Strip District

Strip District 2

Strip District 3

Out of the Ashes

Witamy Do




The New Yinzer

Leaving the Woods: Reading Ayn Rand Too Late


Stage Directions

Tech is Everywhere



How to See the Batey



The Mosquito Lessons



All Trips


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