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New: The Archipelago: A Balkan Passage

What ever happened to Yugoslavia? Thirteen years after the cease-fire, writer Robert Isenberg explores five countries by bus, bike, and foot, to see what has become of these countries once crippled by genocidal war and largely forgotten by the American consciousness. He discovers tense borders, active minefields, secret tunnels, and cities scarred by artillery but also proud peoples quietly struggling to survive in the New Europe. The Archipelago is an epic story of violence and courage, war and peace, set against the breathtaking landscape of the Balkan Peninsula.

In the spirit of Paul Theroux, Robert Isenberg takes us on an informative, spirited and sometimes comic journey into the heart of the Balkans. You can’t finish this book without being moved by the landscape, the culture, and especially, the people Isenberg encounters along the way. With the skill of a master storyteller, he creates a narrative that’s hard to put down, and when you’re finished, you are closer to understanding this ‘nervous string’ of countries. –Sheryl St. Germain

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The Iron Mountain: A Medieval Journey 

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In 1227, Friedrich von Isenberg plotted to kidnap his cousin, the Archbishop of Cologne. What followed was a cavalcade of murder, deceit, punishment and revenge. 

Nearly 800 years later, Robert Isenberg traveled to Germany to unravel the story of Friedrich. The Iron Mountain is both a medieval mystery and a globe-trotting adventure story, from the bloodsoaked dukedoms of Central Europe to the gates of the Vatican. 

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“Unlike most young men his age, 30-year-old Robert Isenberg has an incredible desire to understand and reconnect with the roots of his family tree. The Iron Mountain showcases his skills as an expert researcher and amateur historian. What’s most intriguing about The Iron Mountain is the way Isenberg manages to simultaneously tell two parallel narratives: one that documents his trek and another that describes (in much detail) the final days of von Isenberg. In the end, this is more than a typical story of one man’s journey for self-discovery. The Iron Mountain is also part history, part travelogue and part fiction. It’s a quality read for anyone interested in historical fiction, genealogy and Germany.” — PIttsburgh Magazine 



The Legend of Pangkor 


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On his twenty-first birthday, Robert Isenberg took a wrong turn and was stranded in the Malaysian rainforest. The day became an epic story of giant lizards, deadly jellyfish, severe dehydration and a visit with a covert military unit.

The Legend of Pangkor is a menagerie of harrowing adventure stories – a perilous drive through the Icelandic outback, falling in love in the Dominican slums, and bike-messengering in the breakneck streets of Pittsburgh. Here are gritty meditations on strip-clubs, the semiotics of mosquitos, and the drug-addled underbelly of Burlington, Vermont. Suspenseful and invigorating, The Legend of Pangkor is a walkabout for the 21st Century.  

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In Defense of the Turtleneck 

Robert Isenberg: In Defense of the Turtleneck 

Robert Isenberg’s first chapbook, In Defense of the Turtleneck, is a collection of favorite comic essays. In it, you will learn the following: 

    * What it’s like to play Puck the Forest Trickster at a Shakespeare-themed wedding
    * How to react when the doctor describes you as “technically obese”
    * Why Belgians eat horses
    * What really happened at that Phish concert
    * How pirate-fetish parties hire actors for their “slave auctions”
    * What it’s like to be strapped to 250-lb. guy named Cush as you leap from an airplane and hurtle through 10,000 ft. of open air

Limited edition. See fan page for details. 



Natural Language: Anthology 

Natural Language: Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh Sunday Poetry and Reading Series Anthology reading and reception by Eleventh Stack.  

Natural Language: Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh Sunday Poetry and Reading Series Anthology collects work from featured writers of the library’s monthly reading series.


The Sunday Poetry and Reading Series, which began in 2007, is free to the public and features academic, experimental and spoken-word Pittsburgh poets and writers. The anthology was made possible by a donation from Poets for Humanity. 

Books will be available for purchase for $10 each. All proceeds will directly support the continuation of poetry programming at the library.

Limited edition. See Flickr page for details



Light and Other Plays 

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A young man introduces his Russian fiancee to his befuddled sister. Two newliweds get lost in the forest on their honeymoon. A philosophy professor tries to imagine life without his ailing wife. Isenberg’s acclaimed one-act plays transport the reader to the slums of Bombay, the kitchens of California, and the last hotel room of a troubled divorcee – all told in the earthy, photo-realistic language that has become Isenberg’s trademark.

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